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Cemetery Family Histories - Wetipquin, Maryland
225 Spring Crest Drive, Salisbury, Maryland, UNITED STATES

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The Morris Family

Arnold Morris was born circa 1823 in Somerset County Maryland. His parentage is unknown although there were several Morris families living in the Quantico District of Somerset County between 1832 and 1860.  He was probably a relative of one those families or had the same slave master.

November 1, 1864 all slaves in Maryland were freed, they could work, purchase land to care for their families. In 1867, Wicomico County became a new county that was taken from parts of Somerset and Worchester Counties in the lower eastern shore of Maryland.

The first record of the Morris family members in living Wetipquin can be found in 1870 census of Wicomico County. Listed among the residents of Wetipquin were Arnold Morris and his family in the Tyaskin District of Wicomico County Maryland. They were the following persons: Arnold Morris, Louisa Morris, Jerry Morris, Mary C Morris, Lucretia Morris, Samuel Morris, Emily V Morris, Hester Morris and Perry Morris.

Ten years later, three addition children were born to this union. This was the 1880 census of Wicomico County Maryland in the Tyaskin District.  It was the first census that gave the members and relationship to the head of each household.  It gave names, gender, age, their occupation, the state where they were born, whether or not they were a citizen of the United States, if they were in school and ownership of property.

The Morris Family in the 1880 Census of the Tyaskin District in Wicomico County Maryland: Arnold Morris age 50 Head of the household – A farmer; Louisa A Morris age 47 his wife – housekeeping; Jeremiah Morris age 24 – son, a sailor; Katie Morris age 22 – daughter, Cook in Hotel; Emily Morris age 17 – daughter, Cook in Hotel; Samuel Morris age 14 –son; Hester Morris age 12 – daughter; Perry Morris age 11- Son; Ernest Morris age 9 – son; Charles Morris age 5 – Son; Eliza Allen age 13 – cousin; William Morris age 7 months – Grandson.

Louisa A Dashiell Morris, wife of Arnold Morris, was born October 1838 in Somerset County, Maryland. They were married circa 1856 in Somerset County. Her mother, Lucretia Winder, was born circa 1810 in Somerset County, Maryland. Mitchell Winder was the stepfather of Louisa Morris. He was born circa 1805 in Somerset County. Lucretia Dashiell Winder was a large landowner. She purchased “Richardson Discovery, Richardson Hard Luck and Hog Quarters consisting of one hundred ten acres from Abernathy Conway and Charles Conway who resided in Baltimore City, Maryland on May 7, 1890. Her only daughter, Louisa Morris, inherited her property January 1894.

Wicomico County Land Records: Liber FMS no. 6 Folio 444.  This property was known as the “William D Donoho Farm” in Wetipquin.  It was the same property formerly owned by the famous Captain Alexander Donoho who was a member of the Maryland Senate in 1840. Arnold Morris and his wife Louisa Morris purchase land called “Jumbo” located in Gum Swamp in Wetipquin from John Dorman January 1891. By 1900 Louisa Morris was a widow with several grandchildren living in her household. They were the following: Howard Morris age 17 born October 1882; Samuel Morris age 13 born January 1887; Daisy Morris (Dorman) age 9 born May 1891. Their parents are unknown. The 1900 census records show that she was a mother of 12 children, seven of them were still living. July 9, 1908, Louisa Dashiell Morris wrote her last will and testament naming the following persons in her will. Grandchildren: William Morris, Aurelia Stewart and Daisy Dorman; her sons: Jerry Morris, Samuel Morris, Charles Morris and Ernest Morris; her daughters: Carrie Wright and Catherine Jenkins. Her sons Charles and Ernest Morris were the executors of her estate and guardians of Daisy Dorman and Aurelia Stewart. July 17, 1909, Louise Morris estate was opened because she had passed away.

First Child. Jeremiah (Jerry) Morris was born April 1856 Somerset County Maryland. He married Mary Emily Wright March 5, 1887 in Wetipquin. Emily Wright Morris was born February 1863 in Wetipquin. Her mother was Sally Wright of Wetipquin. Their son was Eugene Morris. He was born February 1886 in Wetipquin. Emily Wright Morris passed October 1939 in Wetipquin.  Jerry Morris inherited money from his mother, Louisa Morris in 1909.  Jeremiah Morris passed away in 1921.

Second Child. Mary Catherine Morris was born circa 1858 in Somerset County Maryland. The family called her Katie.  In 1880 she was age 22 and was a cook in the hotel at Sandy Hill Landing during the steamship era in Wetipquin.  Sandy Hill Landing was port for Steamships on the Nanticoke River and had lodging and a hotel in Wetipquin owned by members of the Conway family. Today, Sandy Hill is a year–round Family Camp for vacationers. Catherine’s husband surname was Jenkins. She inherited money from her mother in 1909.

Third Child. Lucretia Morris was born circa 1861 in Somerset County Maryland. The 1880 Census Records show that she also lived with her grandmother, Lucretia Winder. She was 19 year of age at the time.  Lucretia must have been deceased by 1900 because she was not mention in her mother’s will in 1909.

Fourth Child. Emily V. Morris was born circa 1863. In 1880 she was also a cook in the hotel at “Sandy Hill Landing”.  Emily was not mention in her mother’s will in 1909.

Fifth Child. Samuel Morris was born March 1865 in Somerset County Maryland. He married Esther Winder circa 1891 in Wicomico County. She was born January 1865 in Somerset County Maryland. Her mother was Mary Winder.  The children of this marriage were Harrison Morris born February 1886; Ernest Morris born March 1892; Walter J Morris born April 1894; Edward L Morris born May 1897; Rena Morris born November 1899. Samuel Morris inherited money from his mother in 1909.

Sixth Child. Hester Morris was born circa 1868. She was the first child born after the forming of Wicomico County. She was not listed in her mother’s will in 1909.

Seventh Child. Perry Morris was born circa 1869. He was not listed in his mother’s will in 1909.

Eighth Child. Ernest C. Morris was born March 1871 in Wetipquin, Maryland. He married Leah Jane Wright November 9, 1892 in Wetipquin. She was born circa 1875 in Wetipquin. Her parents were Michael Wright and Eleanor Peters Wright of Wetipquin. The children of this marriage were Louise Frances Morris, Irene Morris, Vance McKinley Morris, William Hayman Morris, Viola V Morris, Levin Morris and Joseph Paul Morris. Ernest Morris and his brother Charles Morris were executors of their mother’s estate.  They were also guardians of their minor nieces Daisy Dorman and Aurelia Stewart. Ernest Morris inherited property from his mother’s will in 1909. He was a farmer and raised his crop in “Jumbo” located in Gum Swamp. Ernest was also a member of Friendship ME Church in Wetipquin. Ernest C Morris passed away December 6, 1938 in Wetipquin. His wife Leah Jane Wright Morris passed December 1951 in Quantico, Maryland. They were buried in Odd Fellows cemetery in Wetipquin.

The Descendants of Ernest Morris. Louise Frances Morris was born circa 1895 in Wetipquin.  She married Stephen Cook July 8, 1922. He was born March 1858; Stephen Cook was an ordained preacher in Friendship ME Church, now Friendship United Methodist Church. His parents were Stephen S Cook and Martha Jane Wright Cook. The children of this marriage were twins: Mary and Martha Morris, Ernest Morris, Alice Cook and Catherine Cook. One son Stephen Cook died in infancy. They also reared a nephew of Stephen Cook, Edward Robinson Cook. France Cook was also a member of Friendship and worked hard raised funds to support the Church. One of her projects was putting the rail on the front steps of the building. The rail on the front still stands as memorial to her.  Louise Frances Morris Cook passed away April 1963. Her husband, Stephen Cook passed away in December 1949. They were buried in Stephen Field (Odd Fellows) cemetery in Wetipquin.

Irene Morris was born circa 1897 in Wetipquin. Her husband was Marine Chester.  The made their home in Pennsylvania.  One son was born of this union, Marine Chester Junior. Irene reared several of her nieces and nephews. She often came home to Wetipquin for special occasions in the Church and community.

Vance McKinley Morris was born circa 1899 in Wetipquin.  He married Lydia (Lottie) Camper of Wetipquin September 25, 1926. She was born circa 1894 in Somerset County Maryland in the Brinkley District. Her parents were Francis Camper and Mary Margaret Jones Camper – Lankford.  They made their home in Pennsylvania. Lottie Camper Morris was a schoolteacher in Pennsylvania. Vance Morris passed away March 1973 in Chester, Pennsylvania. After his death and her retirement, his wife Lottie Morris moved back to Wetipquin to live with a niece, Myrtle Johnson. Lydia Camper Morris passed away September 7, 1979 in Salisbury, Maryland.  She was buried in Odd Fellows cemetery in Wetipquin. There were no children born of this marriage.

Levin Morris was born March 26, 1902 in Wetipquin. He passed away December 15, 1925 in Wetipquin. Viola V. Morris was born circa 1905 in Wetipquin.  She passed away October 20, 1916 in Wetipquin. William Hyman Morris was born circa 1908 in Wetipquin. He married Mattie Weatherly November 6, 1925. She was born circa 1909 in Quantico, Maryland. They made their home in Quantico, Maryland.  Her parents were Alonzo and Sadie Weatherly of Quantico. The children of this marriage: William (Wiggie) Morris, Levin Morris, James (Jimmy) Morris, Irvin Morris, Annie Mae Morris, Vivian Morris and Rachel Ann Morris. William Hyman Morris passed away December 25, 1991 in Salisbury, Maryland. He was buried in Spring Hill Memorial Garden cemetery in Hebron, Maryland. His wife Mattie Weatherly Morris passed away February 1961 in Salisbury, Maryland and was buried in Mt Zion Church cemetery in Quantico.

Joseph Paul Morris Born circa 1913 in Wetipquin.  He married Jesse Marie Coulbourne January 5, 1937 in Wetipquin. She was born circa 1917. Her parents were Alexander Coulbourne and Mary Ellen Quinton Coulbourne of Rockawalkin. Their son was Joseph Paul Morris Jr. Joseph Paul Morris Sr. passed away January 1970 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  He was buried in Odd Fellows cemetery in Wetipquin.

Ninth Child. Carrie Morris was born May 1878 in Wetipquin, Maryland.  She married William Steward March 15, 1893 in Wetipquin. He was born circa 1863 in Wetipquin. Their only child was Aurelia Stewart. She was born May 1894 in Wetipquin. Aurelia Stewart husband was Levi Robinson. He was born May 1891. His parents were James Talbot Wright and Sarah Jane Robinson. The children of this marriage were William (Bill) Robinson, Charles Emerson Robinson, Thelma Robinson Cornish, Roberta Robinson Noble and McKinley Edward Robinson They are all deceased, except two other daughters: Louise Robinson Nichols, who recently remarried in 2009 in her late 80’s, lives in Chester, Pennsylvania. Corinda Mae Robinson Moore resides in Wetipquin, Maryland.

Aurelia Stewart Robinson inherited property from her grandmother Louisa Morris in 1909. Aurelia was a good cook, made clothing for her family, loved to raise houseplants and was a member of Friendship in Wetipquin. Aurelia traveled with the Church Prayer Band during the era of the Camp Meetings. Her husband Levi Robinson help organized his brother’s singing group, “the famous Wright Brothers Quartet”, in his home.  The group sang on the radio every Sunday and in most of the churches on the East Coast. Aurelia Stewart Robinson passed away July 1969 in Wetipquin and her husband Levi E Robinson passed away October 1954 in Newark, New Jersey. They were buried in the Odd Fellows cemetery in Wetipquin.

Carrie Morris was remarried September 14, 1898 to John F. Wright of Jesterville, Maryland. He was born February 1863 in Somerset County Maryland. His mother was Sarah Wright of Jesterville. The children of this marriage were Mary E Wright, Geneva Wright, Beatrice Wright, Rosa J Wright, Amelia Wright, Andrew Wright, Van Buren Wright and Ernest Wright who passed away age 3, November 1, 1916. All of them were born in Jesterville, Maryland and buried in the Church cemetery in Jesterville. Carrie Morris Stewart Wright inherited money from her mother in 1909. She passed away August 10, 1933 in Jesterville, Maryland.

Tenth Child. Charles Henry Morris was born April 16, 1876 in Wetipquin. He married Bertha Seldon August 9, 1899 in Friendship ME Church in Wetipquin, Maryland. She was born circa 1882 in Wetipquin. Her parents were George Seldon and Matilda J Hull Seldon. Bertha’s father was a soldier in the Civil War and local preacher of the Church. The children of this marriage were Grace Morris, Lessie Morris, Sabra Morris, Louise Morris, Hester Morris, George Morris and Otis Morris.  Charles Morris was a farmer and waterman.  Charles inherited property from his mother in 1909. He and his brother Ernest Morris were the executors of his mother estate. They were the guardians of their two nieces: Aurelia Stewart and Daisy Dorman. Both he and his wife Bertha Morris were dedicated members of the Church. She was the first president of the Women’s mission organization – the Women’s Society of Christian Service formally called the Ladies Aid Society, today, the organization is called the United Methodist Women. She was a member of the Senior Choir while Charles was a prayer warrior, a trustee and sang in the Prayer Band. Bertha Seldon Morris passed away September 1963 in Wetipquin. Charles Henry Morris passed away March 1966 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They were buried in the Louis Conway family cemetery in Wetipquin.

The Descendants of Charles Henry Morris. Grace Steman Morris was May 1900 in Wetipquin. She married Edward Linwood Morris of Quantico, Maryland. She passed away December 7, 1938. There were no children of this marriage.

Leslie Morris was born circa 1903 in Wetipquin. She married Isaac James (Buddy) Cook February 14, 1922 in Wetipquin. His parents were Dennis Cook and Laura Wright Cook of Wetipquin. The children of this marriage were Charles Cook and Mary Hester Cook. They lived in Wetipquin for a few years and finally move to Pennsylvania. They were original members of the Friendship Club in Pennsylvania that support the Church in Wetipquin for our special days.

Otis Morris was born circa 1905 in Wetipquin. His wife was Tina Dashiell. There were no children of this marriage. Louise Morris was born circa 1907 in Wetipquin. She made her home in Pennsylvania. Sabra M. Morris was born circa 1909 in Wetipquin. She married Joseph D. Fincher August 16, 1937. They made their home in Pennsylvania.

Hester Morris was born circa 1911 in Wetipquin. She married Adolpbus O Nutter March 5, 1931. They made their home in Pennsylvania. George Morris was born circa 1913 in Wetipquin. He married Susie Dashiell of Nanticoke, Maryland September 3, 1939 in Wetipquin. Their children were George Morris Jr. and Eugene Morris.

Other Relatives of Arnold and Louisa Morris. William Arnold Morris was born October 1879 in Wetipquin, Maryland. He was an infant in his grandmother Louisa Morris’ home in 1880.  It is not known which one of her children was his parent. He married Sabra Hull circa 1903 in Wetipquin. She was born April 1883 in Wetipquin. Her parents were Joseph Albert Hull and Matilda Moore Hull.   The children of this marriage were Vera Morris, Cecil Morris, William Morris and Alma Morris.  He inherited property from his grandmother in 1909.

Eliza L. Allen born February 1867 in Wetipquin. Her parents were Henry Morris and Delilah Donoho -Allen of Wetipquin. Eliza Allen was a cousin of Arnold Morris.  She was age 13 and a member of his household in 1880. She was married to Lemuel Moore of Wetipquin circa 1884. He was born April 1862 in Wetipquin. His parents were Zora Moore and Mary Stewart Moore of Wetipquin. The children of this marriage were: Mary A Moore, William E Moore, Lambert H Moore, John E Moore, Georgia Moore, Lemuel Lee Moore, Rodney Sherman Moore, Zora Moore and HD Moore.


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