Esther Matilda Julia

Name Esther Matilda Julia

Birth YYYY / MM / DD
1906 / 05 / 05

Death YYYY / MM / DD
1994 / 07 / 01

Cemetery Hull Family Cemetery
Hull Family Homestead, Wetipquin, Maryland, UNITED STATES

Ref ID 11212 / -

Plot No. -

Esther Matilda Julia "Het" Hull was born 05/05/06 to the late John and Irene Hull in Wetipquin, Maryland. In the sibling rank, she was the eighth of twelve children, ten of whom have preceded her in death: Roger, Viola, Jesse, Nathaniel, Oliver, Benjamin, Annie, Royal, Matthew and Garret. Her life of 88 years ended abruptly on 07/01/94.

Her public education was received in Wetipquin Elementary School of Wicomico County, Maryland. Her lifetime job was always working the farm and soil she loved. She was also employed seasonally and temporarally at Royal Oak Canery, Swift's Poutry Plant and the Sunsine Laundry. She was foreced into retirement in 1970 due to blindness.

Her early introduction to Christian training was received from a strict father and mother, as well as her community church, in which she became actively involved. For many years, she was Sunday School Teacher and an Epworth league Youth Fellowship Leader. She remained extremely religious to the very end. The 23rd Psalm was her favorite passage of scripture from which she unfailingly quoted again and again. While she was still an active participant in her church, she was a the "working force" behind the famed "Community Easter Egg Hunt" hels annually on the farm.

She was a member of the Westside Senior Citizens Club where she enjoyed the fellowship until a stroke in 1991 rendered her partially paralyzed and unable to attend. She never fogot, however, the singing which she fully enjoyed.

Esther was deeply devoted to her family and to family values. She was the salt, the preservative, the cement, and the stabilizer of her family. Although she never married nor experienced motherhood, the maternal instinct was strongly evident through her untiring love and devotion to children. She was a mother to many nieces and nephews.

She leaves to mourn her loss, a devoted sister Rachel Hull-Hall; Winifred, a niece with whom she had lived for the past twenty-five years and whom she reared as a daughter following the death of Winifred's mother; one sister-in-law, Harriett; many nieces and nephews and a host of ither relatives and friends.

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